Newspaper Downfall-Photography

Großartige Fotoserie von Will Steacy über die schweren Zeiten des Philadelphia Inquirer, der 2009 Bankrott anmeldete und aus einem riesigen Zeitungs-Komplex namens Tower of Truth in ein einziges Stockwerk in einem Bürogebäude umziehen musste. Von Wired:

The extreme downsizing of the Philadelphia Inquirer is a stand-in for what we know has been happening to newspapers across the country for the last decade. Since its bankruptcy filing in 2009 it has moved from the 526,000-square-foot Tower of Truth to a single floor in an office building.

Photographer Will Steacy has been documenting these financially difficult years for the paper, giving a unique perspective on the national downsizing and closures that are easily dismissed as just numbers.

“I wanted to create a portrait that showed the reality,” says Steacy, whose father worked at the Inquirer for 29 years.

Philly Inquirer’s Hard Years Are Microcosm of Newspapers’ Long Goodbye