Crash Site-Photography of abandoned Planes with Happy Endings

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Dietmar Eckel fotografiert verrottende Flugzeuge an den Orten, an denen sie Notlanden mussten oder abstürzten – und aus denen alle Menschen gerettet wurden. Schönes Projekt, derzeit finanziert sich Eckel einen Fotoband über Indiegogo.

'Happy End' is a photo-project about miracles in aviation history - 15 airplanes that had forced landings but ALL on board survived and were rescued from the remote locations. The planes remain abandoned in nowhere since 10-70 years. […] This series is for me more than wrecks not worth to recover: it's surreal - beautiful airplanes in vast landscapes with wonderful stories.

'Happy End' - a Photo-Book about Miracles in Aviation History (via Laughing Squid)