Collectors of Miniature Books

Großartiges Posting auf dem City Room-Blog der NYTimes über Sammler von winzigen Büchern. Die Mini-Ausgaben in dem Mini-Regal in der Mini-Bibliothek auf dem Bild sind echt, tatsächlich gedruckt und mit einer Lupe tatsächlich lesbar.

Neale Albert, 75, is a collector of miniature books, and he may be the most serious collector living in New York. By definition, miniature books are properly printed and bound, and for the most part no larger than three inches. Mr. Albert has over 4,000 of them, some the size of matchboxes and others smaller than a tab of chewing gum. Some of the books are worth many thousands of dollars. […]

Part of Mr. Albert’s book collection is stored in a “cottage” on top of the Upper East Side apartment building where he lives with his wife. A small bookcase built specifically for his miniatures, each shelf only a few inches high, is packed with rows of the stout creations, elegantly bound and held inside precious slipcases. There are more in his apartment and in 20-some boxes in storage.

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