Here's _why.

Vor vier Jahren hatte Coder-Legende Jonathan Gillette aka _why aka Why the Lucky Stiff die Schnauze voll und beging „Infosuicide“, zog sich komplett aus dem Netz zurück und vernichtete alle Spuren. Ein paar Jahre später hatte ihm ein Journalist von Slate nachrecherchiert, bis auf seinen bürgerlichen Namen aber ebenfalls nichts herausgefunden. Jetzt ist er wieder da, irgendwie. Auf seiner Website postet er seit gestern Drucker-Befehle, die kryptische Buchseiten und handgeschriebene Texte ausspucken. Kafka-Reviews, verschlüsselte Illustrationen, Texte über Oprah Winfrey. Nerd-Mystery-Crypto-Netzkunst, oder so ähnlich. Crazy stuff.

_why's three years of self-imposed Internet exile ended on January 6, when his old website suddenly returned, bearing nothing but this cryptic message:

"Public Print Queue SPOOL/DESOLEE 2012-01-06T08:21Z"

And that was it—until earlier today, when the site suddenly began spitting out more network printer commands. Some clever readers at Hacker News figured out that perhaps _Why was sending messages in Printer Command Language. They were right. Soon enough, their printers began spitting out pages. Put together, they appear to be pages to a book: A novel or an autobiography, a combination of typed-out pages and hand-scrawled notes.

We're not going to parse the writing. We don't know _why, and we don't know why he disappeared, though this does seem to be, at least in part, an exploration of that question. ("This reads less like a return and more like the goodbye he never made when he left," one Hacker News commenter wrote.) We're happy to follow along, and read his writing as long as he's willing to share.

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