WIREDs Media-Kit, 1992

Brian Dear hat anlässlich des 20jährigen Jubiläums von WIRED ihren ersten Media-Kit rausgekramt. Früh-90er-Visuals galore! Und: Ich mach' dieses Blog ja jetzt seit 5 Jahren (!) mehr oder weniger professionell und hab' mir erst vor ein paar Monaten mein erstes Media-Kit zusammengehackt. Jeez. Jedenfalls: Wired, 90er, toll.

You have to remember that the World Wide Web was in its infancy. Not everybody had email. If you wanted to contact somebody you used the phone or wrote a letter for the most part. Unless they were on The WELL or worked at one of the few companies that had Internet and email. And most didn't.

So I made a few inquiries and found out WIRED's phone number in August 1992 and gave 'em a call. I spoke with Coco Jones, an ad sales rep who was just starting out on long media career. She sent me a WIRED Media Kit, which for some crazy reason I've kept for 21 years. I doubt anyone's seen this thing in 21 years, including me.

Revisiting the Original 1992 WIRED Media Kit (via Boing Boing)