Happy 20th, WIRED!

Am 1. Januar 1993 erschien die erste Ausgabe von Wired, jetzt feiern sie ihren 20. Geburtstag mit einem dicken Special und einem Best-Of-eBook, die Entstehungsgeschichte der 01.01 haben sie hier aufgeschrieben:

IMAGINE A TIME BEFORE SMARTPHONES. Before iBooks. Before Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and even the mighty Google. A world without web browsers, when the Internet belonged to universities and going online meant logging onto an electronic bulletin board. Now imagine being able to smell it all coming—not the details but the impact of a networked world on culture, business, politics, daily life. These were the preconditions that spawned Wired.

In 1988, Louis Rossetto, a 39-year-old adventurer, onetime novelist, and avid libertarian, sensed that the encoding of information in 1s and 0s was going to change everything. Living in Amsterdam at the time, he and Jane Metcalfe, his partner in business and life, had parlayed his job at an obscure language-translation service into a magazine, Electric Word. Produced on a Mac, it evoked a digital universe that was not about gadgetry but a force for global transformation.

Wired 01.01: Step Behind the Scenes of the Frantic, Madcap Birth of Wired