Makr Shakr: Industrial Robot Cocktail-Maker

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Drei Industrie-Roboter machen Cocktails, die man sich per Mobile App selber mixen kann. Der Makr Shakr stand grade als Testversion auf der Milan Design Week und wird nächsten Monat auf der Google I/O vorgestellt.

Created as a collaboration between MIT Sensible Lab, Pentagram and SuperUber, Makr Shakr is a robotic bar, capable of preparing approximately one googol (equal to 10 power 100) crowd-sourced drink combinations. […]

Users download an app on their handheld devices and mix ingredients as virtual barmen. They can gain inspiration by viewing other users’ recipes and comments before sending in their drink of choice. The cocktail is then crafted by three robotic arms, whose movements reproduce every action of a barman – from the shaking of a Martini to the muddling of a Mojito, and even the thin slicing of a lemon garnish.

Creative Applications: Makr Shakr – Robotic ‘barmen’ and crowd-sourced drinks
Creators Project: This Robot Is The Perfect Mixologist: Find Out How It's Made

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