Russ Meyer x Star Wars-Actionfigures

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Neue Custom Actionfigures von Jamie „Sillof“ Follis, ein Toy-Mashup aus Russ Meyer und Star Wars. Whoa! Die Teile wurden von Patton Oswalt in Auftrag gegeben und er hat sie Roger Ebert gewidmet, der ein paar mal mit Russ Meyer zusammengearbeitet hatte.

It’s the Star Wars universe as interpreted by Russ Meyer. Busty, pneumatic amazons in all of the male roles, with one Li’l Abner-stlye lunkhead in the Princess Leia role. Cars and liquor and 60’s-style garage rock. And, except for a couple of names and character ideas (I came up with “Darla Vade” and insisted she be modeled after the immortal Tura Satana) Sillof came up with the whole story, and all of the other characters. A film buff as well as a craftsman, this man.

What’s bittersweet about the whole thing is, Roger Ebert never got to see these. I turned him on to Sillof’s site last year. He especially loved the Noir Wars figures.

And I sent him the title logo of this set as a tease just a few months ago. As someone who’d worked with Russ Meyer (Ebert was going to write the collaboration between Meyer and the fucking Sex Pistols, fer chrissakes) he was more than intrigued. But I never rush an artist, whether they’re going a poster or album cover or especially something like this.

So this set’s for you, Roger.

Faster, Empire! Strike! Strike! (via Neatorama)

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