Jaws in a Bottle

Großartig! Die Orca und ihre Besatzung, Brody, Quint und Hooper und Bruce, der Hai, als Modellschiff in einer Flasche von Heather Gabrielle Rogers. Ich hätte mir ja die Schlußszene mit nem halben Quint in Bruce' Maul auf einer sinkenden Orca gewünscht, aber egal… Hier ein Making Of, da der Blog-Eintrag dazu.

I was excited when last summer, I was requested to develop a scene from the movie “Jaws,” in a bottle. As I began to think of the movie, many scenes of the 1975 thriller started flashing through my mind, and I even shivered at the idea of recreating the massive man-eater that would go in the bottle.

I had seen the movie when I was a teenager and still to this day have moments of silly fear when I go for a swim at the beach, imagining that a killer shark may be lurking not far off. So, my ultimate goal became how could I literally bottle up all those emotions, along with the overall scene that was to go in the bottle.

JAWS Scene in a Bottle (via 3Pew)