Doms Laptop is in Iran

11.04.2013 Misc Tech #Crime

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Doms Laptop wurde aus seiner Londoner Wohnung geklaut und jetzt schaut er Leuten im Iran dabei zu, wie sie ihn benutzen.

I still have no idea where my iPad is, but fortunately I had installed Hidden App on my laptop, just in case it was ever lost or stolen, so I would be able to trace it’s whereabouts. However for over a month whoever was in possession of my laptop did not connect to the internet. Until …on the 23rd of March 2013 (my birthday) I received a message from my laptop informing me of it’s location.

To my surprise it was now over 3,000 miles away in Tehran, Iran. And these people were using it.

Dom's laptop is in Iran (via Hackernews)

[update] Bilder entfernt, die Erklärung liefert das verlinkte Blog.