Skateboards made from old Skateboards

10.04.2013 Misc #DIY #Sk8

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 Vimeo Direktsk8

Skateboards aus alten Skateboards. Hätte auch echt mal jemand früher drauf kommen können, die Technik gibt's ja nun doch schon 'ne Weile, hier der Fuckfinger von Haroshi.

As plywood decks became the norm, manufacturers began to color layers to add a visual element. Strips of red, blue, yellow, pink or various combinations could be found between the light hues of natural wood, with splashy graphics on the board’s bottoms and black grip tape on top, sometimes cut into artistic patterns.

Rocha assembles new decks using the remnants of broken and discarded skateboards, laminating them together and slicing the resulting stack sideways to create his material. The result is gorgeous and always unique, turning the distinct patterning of the thin multicolored ply into the standout feature of the decks’ tops and bottoms.

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