Daft Punk launch new Album at the Wee Waa Show

Damit haben Daft Punk die Musik-News des Jahres so gut wie sicher: Ihr neues Album „Random Access Memories“ feiert Premiere auf einem Dorffest im Australischen Outback. Das 2000-Seelen-Kaff heisst Wee Waa (Google Map), das Fest nennt sich Wee Waa Show und neben dem nicht so ganz unwichtigen Album-Debut gibt's noch „Australian country show entertainment including the pet show, showgirl competition, cross cut saw competition, fireworks and much more.“ Das Fest hat noch dazu eine Nutzviehausstellung und sie zeigen da „some of the western plains’ of New South Wales’ finest sheep and cattle“. Knaller!

Von der australischen Zeitung The Courier: Daft Punk to launch album here:

The launch of the new album, Random Access Memories, will take place during the Wee Waa Show on the night of May 17, and streamed online to an international audience. Narrabri Shire Council and the Wee Waa Show Society have been working in close contact with Sony Music to make the event a reality.

Some have questioned why such a world-renowned band would choose to launch its new album in an Australian country town, but for Sony Music, the choice was easy. “We think Wee Waa is so uniquely Australian, so the folks at Sony Music along with Daft Punk thought it fitted the bill perfectly,” said Narrabri Shire Council mayor, Conrad Bolton.

“Daft Punk is known for breaking down barriers and coming up with new creative, innovative ideas to launch their albums.”
The Wee Waa Showground will host a playback of the new album, which has been hotly anticipated by millions of the Grammy Award-winning band’s fans. Sony Music said it wanted to undertake a music launch on a scale that hadn’t been done before, and chose Wee Waa because it was a typical Australian small country town. The worldwide release date of the album co-incides with the Wee Waa Show, so the event will now be incorporated into the show.