Malformed Brain-Photography

Andy Deemer war im Hirnmuseum in Bangalore, Indien, und hat ein paar sehr nette Bilder mitgebracht (via BB). Und ein paar Tage vorher hatte Adam Voorhes ein paar Bilder einer Fotoserie über missgebildtete Gehirne gepostet, die er damals in der Uni Austin für Scientific American gemacht hatte. BRAINS!

Two years ago Scientific American magazine sent me to the University of Texas at Austin to borrow a human brain. They needed me to photograph a normal, adult, non-dissected brain that the university had obtained by trading a syphilitic lung with another institution. The specimen was waiting for me, but before I left they asked if I’d like to see their collection.

I walked into a storage closet filled with approximately one-hundred human brains, none of them normal, taken from patients at the Texas State Mental Hospital.

Malformed – A Collection of Human Brains from the Texas State Mental Hospital