Japanese Wasp-Wodka Shouchuu

Japaner trinken ihren Wodka auch gerne mal mit drei Jahre lang eingelegten und gegärten Riesenwespen. Soll angeblich die Konsistenz von Guiness haben und nach einem Hauch verfaulendem Fleisch schmecken riechen. Yummy!

First, a large number of living wasps is put in a mason jar, which is then filled with shouchuu. Afterward, the jar is sealed up tight and left alone for about three full years. Having no means to escape their alcohol hell, the wasps must suffer terribly within the jar, for they release a great deal of toxins as they die and then ferment. Again, protective clothing is absolutely necessary when preparing the jars.

The first thing to take note of is the liquor’s color; it’s a dark, muddy brown. According to our gracious host, this is a sign that the wasps’ bodies have properly fermented and all of the necessary nutrients have seeped into the liquid. In spite of all assurances that this is exactly how the drink should look, the sight of it is perfectly unappetizing. Then comes the smell. It’s much like that of regular shouchuu, but with just a hint of rotting flesh.

Alcohol Made with Fermented Wasps Gives New Meaning to the Phrase “Get Your Buzz On”