Nutellapriesterin und 5 Tonnen Schokocreme

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In Bad Hersfeld haben sie 5 Tonnen Nutella von einem Lastwagen geklaut, die Polizei hat noch keine Spur, ich hab' da allerdings eine Theorie – siehe Video oben.

Thieves in Germany have made off with a truckload of Nutella, stealing five tonnes of the hazelnut chocolate spread from a parked semi-trailer, police said on Monday. The theft of seven palettes of Nutella jars, worth a total of about 16,000 euros ($20,800), took place at the weekend in the city of Niederaula in the central state of Hessen, said police.

Truckload of Nutella stolen in Germany

[update] The Atlantic: Is There a Secret Nutella Black Market?