1981 Microsoft-Photo reshot with Bill Gates and Paul Allen

Bill Gates und Paul Allen haben ein 1981er Microsoft-Foto nochmal schießen lassen, komplett mit den ollen Rechnern von damals. Nice! Das Foto entstand auf einer Feier des Living Computer Museums in Seattle.

In a 1981 publicity shot for the then virtually unknown software company, a very young-looking 26 year-old Bill Gates slouches next to a bearded Paul Allen, who looks every one of his 28 years and then some.

Back then Microsoft had just reincorporated as Microsoft Inc. based in Washington State – away from its New Mexican roots – with Gates as president/CEO and Allen taking the executive vice president role, while Steve Ballmer was a pushy four-month employee who had been to college with Bill for a while.

Gates and Allen reshoot historic 1981 Microsoft photo