Hirngesteuerte Roboter und Games sind sowas von 2010. Der neue heisse Scheiß sind Storys, die sich während des Lesens den Gehirnaktivitäten des Lesers anpassen: Neurofiction. Gibt auch bereits ein mit Open Source Neuro-Software realisiertes Beispiel.

In neurofiction, the story’s effect on the reader’s brain – electrical activity of their neurons – is captured using an electroencephalography headset. Using an algorithm that learns what themes and elements engage each reader, our neurofiction engine turns this data into a unique path through the story. The reader can be guided to one of multiple possible endings or allowed to explore a new region of the story space.

Note that neurofiction is not interactive fiction: the reader experiences the story as linear, calm and immersive, as if reading a book. But by opening themselves to be read, neurofiction readers become subconscious collaborators in the creation of a new narrative.

Neurofiction (via Waxy)