Dude banned from Driving „high on Drum and Bass“

Ein junger Mann aus England wurde wegen Fahrens unter D'n'B-Einfluss verurteilt. Der Typ kommt ursprünglich aus Portishead. AUS PORTISHEAD! Massive, man!

A WHITE van man "high on drum and bass" was driving so erratically that police pulled him over thinking he must be under the influence. […] After hauling him out of his vehicle it transpired he was neither drunk nor on drugs but intoxicated by the top tunes blaring from his stereo, Bristol Crown Court was told. Professional driver Cogley, 25, formerly of Gardener Road, Portishead, but now said to be homeless, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Mr Hollier said: "When asked about it he said he was listening to drum and bass and was in a hurry." David Miller, defending, said Cogley was not involved in a police chase but would now lose his job. "It was stupid. He was carried away because of the intoxicating effects of drum and bass music."

Passing sentence Recorder Mr Kevin De Haan QC described drum and bass as "Intoxicating for some. Very irritating for others."

Bristol man banned for driving "under influence of drum and bass"