Virtual Depression-Diagnosis with Kinect-Hack

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Das Institute for Creative Technologies an der University of Southern California arbeitet an virtuellen Psychotherapeuten namens SimSensei, die Depressionen anhand von Körpersprache und Mimik diagnostizieren können – mittels einem gehackten Kinect. Ein bisschen wie ein invertierter Voight-Kampff-Test.

A new program called SimSensei, still in the early stages of development, logs people's subtle body language and fleeting facial expressions to help diagnose depression, the New Scientist reported. The program even comes with an animated avatar who asks patients questions, "Hmms" at appropriates times, and guides the conversation according to patient's answers… all while tracking the patient's movements using Microsoft Kinect sensors and face recognition software.

Kinect-Powered Virtual Therapist Tracks Your Body Language To Help Diagnose You