Vinetunes: #Hashtag-Generated Musicvideo

Schöne Idee für das Musikvideo zum eher doofen Song „Flexin'“ der waliser Band Masters in France, die den Clip auf Vinetune durch Vine-#Hashtags aus den Lyrics generieren lassen. Netter Nebeneffekt: „Potentially NSFW“.

This music video project, conceived by BMB creatives Caleb Al-Jorani, Peter Browse and Joe Koprowski, harnesses Vine content on a dedicated website, (you'll need the latest version of your browser to check it out). The site designates portions of the track specific hashtags according to its lyrical content, and thus pulls in content each time it's visited, syncing relevantly hashtagged clips to appropriate parts of the track.

Fans of the band and visitors to the site are encouraged to create a Vine film for a particular #hashtag and submit it in order to contribute to the ever-evolving project.

Vinetune (via Creative Review)