Bitcoin-Mining on a NES

 Vimeo Direktcoins

Manche kaufen sich einen eigenen, auf Bitcoins spezialisierten Rechner, andere hacken dafür ihr NES und schicken die errechneten Hashes per Raspberry Pi ins Netz:

I'm using bitcoind to do the network communication. This is pretty standard for bitcoin mining, the mining software focuses on doing the hashing and lets bitcoind do the p2p network stuff. There's a few standard protocols for those two pieces to communicate with varying levels of efficiency, but I'm using the most basic 'getwork' protocol because, heh, this isn't going to be the bottleneck in this operation.

For the portions of computing that do not happen on the NES, I've got a raspberry pi housed in a Makerbot Replicator2 3D printed case. I believe I am now fully 2013 Hack Project compliant.

RetroMiner – BITCOIN MINING ON AN NES (via Hackaday)