Kangaroos, Eyeballs and Penis-Champagner

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Der Explorers Club hat letztes Wochenende sein 109. Dinner im Waldorf Astoria in New York veranstaltet. Dort mampften der erste Amerikaner im All, John Glenn, und der erste Amerikaner auf dem Mount Everest, Jim Whittaker, unter anderem eingelegte Ziegenaugen, Penis-Champagner, einen kompletten Strauß, frittierte Taranteln oder Kakerlaken mit Spargel. Dekandenz-Extrem-Essen, yummy!

This past weekend The Explorers Club held their annual ball, which kicks off every year with a signature exotics cuisine hour. The man behind the unusual dishes served during this hour is Gene Rurka, the chairman of the exotics committee—and this year he served up a menu that included everything from Rattlesnake Sliders to Chipotle BBQ Beaver to Camel Meat Loaf, Sweet chili Pickled Eyeballs, Hoisin Glazed kangaroo and Insect Canapes. We talked to Rurka this morning, who admitted, "It's a little bit more than your steak and potatoes. It's not for everybody."

Kangaroos And Eyeballs: Explorers Club Digs Their Teeth Into Exotic Cuisine (via Laughing Squid)

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