Vocal Coach trains Singing with Sex Toys

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Ein Vocal Coach der Universität benutzt Vibratoren, um die Stimmbänder von Sängerinnen und Sängern zu lockern. Wenn Ihr also demnächst mal wieder heiser seit, wisster Bescheid. Und das erinnert natürlich an die ollen Dildo-Anzeigen aus den Katalogen von früher – Liebe Kinder, so hat man im vergangenen Jahrhundert Sextoys und Stimmbandlockerungsvorrichtungen beworben:

A University of Alberta voice coach has been using sex toys to massage the throats of actors and singers and is getting results. “I know it’s a bit different … I know there’s a giggle factor, but it works,” says David Ley, a professor in the school’s drama department. “It relaxes tension in the larynx … it improves range and projection.” He makes it clear he’s not a physician or therapist.

“My first advice for a person (with voice or throat issues) would be to go to a doctor,” he says. “What I’mtrying to do is to help the person hit that high note or harness their emotional energy.” He spent last fall coaching actors at the Stratford Festival with all the expected exercises and drills, but surprised everyone when he pulled out a small purple “marital aid.” “With a straight face he announced to me he wanted to use it on the actors,” says Janine Pearson, the festival’s head of voice and coaching. “Of course, he was trying to get a reaction … and he did.”

Sex toy gives singers that extra octave – Vibrator used as voice therapy at Stratford Festival.