Kill Bill Parasite Wasp named Beatrix Kiddo

In Thailand hat man eine neue Art einer parasitären Wespenfamilie gefunden und hat sie nach Beatrix Kiddo aus Quentin Tarantinos „Kill Bill“ benannt. Originalzitat aus dem Film: „You're not a worker bee. You're a renegade killer bee.“ Passt nicht so ganz, aber fast.

Parasitoid wasps of the family Braconidae are known for their deadly reproductive habits. Most of the representatives of this group have their eggs developing in other insects and their larvae, eventually killing the respective host, or in some cases immobilizing it or causing its sterility. Three new species of the parasitoid wasp genus Cystomastacoides, recently described in the Journal of Hymenoptera Research, reflect this fatal behavior.

Two of the new species were discovered in Papua New Guinea, while the third one comes from Thailand. The Thai species, Cystomastacoides kiddo, was named after the character Beatrix Kiddo in Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill' films. The deadly biology of the wasp inspired this reference to the protagonist played by Uma Thurman, where she embodies a deadly assassin and a master of the Tiger/Crane style of kung fu. She is a master of the "Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique", a method of killing a person by quickly striking five pressure points around the heart with the fingertips. After the victim takes five steps, the heart explodes and the person falls dead.

Kill Bill character inspires the name of a new parasitoid wasp species (via Geekosystem)

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