Fantastic early Mickey Mouse-Illustrations

Großartige Mickey Mouse-Illus von Walt Disney aus dem Jahr 1935, angefertigt für die damalige Prinzessin Elizabeth, die jetzige Queen. Mickey Mouse hatte ihren ersten Auftritt in Farbe drei Jahre vorher im Cartoon Parade of the Award Nominees.

Created specially for then Princess Elizabeth, now Queen, way back in 1935, this art of Mickey and friends, charming and cheerful as they spend time in London, appeared in The Princess Elizabeth Gift Book, In Aid of the Princess Elizabeth of York Hospital for Children.

Donald is still pretty primitive in appearance, Goofy is still Dippy Dawg, the Limeys are loopy—and this is definitely the mouse's finest era. Note how Horace is demonstrating the royal backhand wave.

Nach dem Klick auf voller Breite in HighRes:

Mouse's Finest Era