Conclave smoke-jacked in Pink by Feminist-Protest

Feministinnen haben zu Beginn der Konklave mit pinkem Rauch gegen die frauenfeindliche Haltung der Kirche protestiert. Sehr schöne Aktion, tolle Idee!

The release of black smoke, and not white smoke, from The Vatican chimney signified that a new pope had not been named. But what was the meaning of the less visible and less discussed pink smoke released over The Vatican? It was a protest against The Vatican’s refusal to ordain women priests. […]

“The current old boys’ club has left our Church reeling from scandal, abuse, sexism and oppression…. The people of the Church are desperate for a leader who will be open to dialogue and embrace the gifts of women’s wisdom in every level of Church governance.”

Pink smoke released over Vatican protesting lack of women priests (via Osocio)