World of Classcraft: Gamified Education


Shawn Young, ein Lehrer aus Quebec, hat ein Konzept für 'ne gamifizierte Schulklasse online gestellt, die Bildung als Rollenspiel nach dem Vorbild von World of Warcraft spielbar macht. Fürs Zuspätkommen oder vergessene Hausaufgaben büsst man Healthpoints ein, Experience gewinnt man durch soziales Verhalten oder das Finden von Fehlern in Schulmaterialien. Ich bin bei Gamification eher skeptisch, aber das hier finde ich toll!

classcraftWorld of Classcraft is an educational augmented-reality multiplayer role-playing game. Played in the classroom, students play as one of three classes, gaining awesome powers, while risking a terrible death. […]

Our experience show that students are very motivated (including girls) to perform in the game. The motivation to gain real life powers, the randomness of the events and the risk involved in avoiding death are all factors that make the game motivating. To our knowledge, World of Classcraft, is the the only example of gamification in education to completely transform the classroom into a large-scale game. Moreover, World of Classcraft is subject-agnostic, in the sense that it can be played in any subject. Another advantage of World of Classcraft is that it can be implemented without all the students having to play; students who don’t want to play (something like 10%, generally) don’t have to.

World Of Classcraft (via Hacker News)