A Ton Of Links: 808-Sounds, Cypherpunk, Reagans on Drugs and the History of Googles Street View

10.03.2013 Misc #Linkdump

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Hier ein Haufen Links, die sich in den letzten Wochen so angesammelt haben, nach dem Klick eine komplette Liste aller Promis, die je von Southpark verarscht wurden, eine militärische Analyse von Darth Vaders Angriff auf Hoth, eine Stunde lang 80s-Visuals mit Elektronik-Soundtrack und ein kleines Interview aus dem Ramones Museum.

Außerdem: Wie die 808 ihren Cymbal-Sound bekam, eine Doku über Belle & Sebastians „If you're feeling sinister“, ein netter 80s-Hiphop-Mashupmix von The Quick Brown Fox, die Anfänge von Google Streetview, Wachstumsmusteranalyse mit Tetris, der Sourcecode von Photoshop 1.0, R.U. Serious über Cypherpunk, ein Interview mit Just über Kriegsberichterstattung und Citizen-Journalism (und Nerdcore), einen Kurzfilm aus einer Welt voller lebender Macs, animierte Bullying-Poetry, der Designprozess hinter The Verges Gaming-Site Polygon, Transatlantik-Kabel-Kunst, Ronald Reagan und Gattin sind stones und ein paar superinteressante Podcasts, unter anderem die Heldenreise anhand von Star Wars, Krähen, King Kong und Refeudalisierung.



 Youtube Direktreal

This isn't TV, this is real life! - YouTube

Every Celebrity Ever Mocked on South Park -- Vulture

Inside the Battle of Hoth: The Empire Strikes Out | Danger Room | Wired.com: How did the Galactic Empire ever cement its hold on the Star Wars Universe? The war machine built by Emperor Palpatine and run by Darth Vader is a spectacularly bad fighting force, as evidenced by all of the pieces of Death Star littering space. But of all the Empire's failures, none is a more spectacular military fiasco than the Battle of Hoth at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.
From a military perspective, Hoth should have been a total debacle for the Rebel Alliance. Overconfident that they can evade Imperial surveillance, they hole up on unforgiving frigid terrain at the far end of the cosmos. Huddled into the lone Echo Base are all their major players: politically crucial Princess Leia; ace pilot Han Solo; and their game-changer, Luke Skywalker, who isn’t even a Jedi yet.



 Vimeo Direktmemorex

Memorex on Vimeo: Memorex is the advertising industrys collective wet dream. The sequel to Smash TVs critically acclaimed "Skinemax", Memorex is a 50 minute VJ odyssey, a tribute to an entire generation who grew up with only a TV and a VCR for a babysitter.
Sourced from over forty hours of 80s commercials pulled from warped VHS tapes, Memorex is a deep exploration of nostalgia and the fading cultural values of an era of excess. Its a re-contextualization of ads - cultural detritus, the lowest of the low - into something altogether more profound, humorous, and at times, even beautiful.
Digging up long forgotten memories for a generation who spent their formative years glued to the boob tube, Memorex is a veritable nostalgia nuke for children of the 80s. Endless beach parties, Saturday morning cartoons, claymation everything, sleek cars, sexy babes, toys you forgot existed, station idents, primitive computer animation, all your favorite sugary cereal mascots, and so much more.

Memorex Intro
VHS Head - Ident
Boxcutter - TV Troubles
Cuticle - Towel
Leyland Kirby - Neon Lit Atoms
Peaking Lights - Synthy
Hype Williams - Mitsubishi
Boards Of Canada - On A Rolling Sea
LA Vampires Featuring Matrix Metals - So Unreal
Rene Hell - Bordes Of Heaven
Laurie Anderson - O Superman (Smash TV Rewind)
VHS Head - Seen Enough
Outer Limits Recordings - Julie
Boards Of Canada - Dave (I'm A Real Traditionalist)
Ford & Lopatin - Rock Center Paranoia
Hype Williams - Businessline
LA Vampires Goes Ital - Tons Of Love
Boards Of Canada - Iraq Says / Nine-Rubber Wisdom
Niggas With Guitars - Milky White
Loverboy - When It's Over (Brian E Remix / Smash TV Rewind)
Thompson Twins - If You Were Here (Smash TV Rewind)
Memorex Outro

 Vimeo Direktletsgo

Ramones Museum Berlin on Vimeo: We caught up with Flo at the Ramones Museum in Berlin to find out about how this gem of fandom came about, who is behind it all, and whether one of the "Fast Four" has ever set foot in its hallowed halls.

How the 808 drum machine got its cymbal, and other tales from music's geeky underbelly | The Verge: From Deadmau5 to Don Lewis, Trent Wolbe explores the nerdy past, present, and future of music at the Anaheim Convention Center

Belle and Sebastian - If You're Feeling Sinister - Pitchfork Classic - YouTube: An oral history of Belle and Sebastians seminal record If Youre Feeling Sinister.

The Quick Brown Fox presents: The Mixing Bowl - 80's Edition: Contains the sounds of MC Lyte, Run DMC, The Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Steady B., Audio Two, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Biz Markie, Boogie Down Productions, Salt N Pepa, Davy D., Grandmaster Flash, Dolly Parton, INXS, Violent Femmes, Animotion, Terence Trent Darby, The Cars, Kenny Loggins, Lipps Inc., The Cure, Blondie, Prince, The Talking Heads, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Tom Tom Club, Eddie Grant, Erotic Drum Band, Queen, Sly Fox and Men Without Hats. With special appearances by Casey Kasem, Max Headroom, Mr. and Mrs. Pacman, Mr. T, Bill Murray, the paperboy from "Better Off Dead", the "Where's the Beef?" lady, the cast of "Square Pegs", the grandparents from "16 Candles", Michael Keaton and Orlando & Turbo from "Breakin'"


Science and Technology

Inside Google Street View: From Larry Page's Car To The Depths Of The Grand Canyon | TechCrunch: The project started as research at Stanford and then hopped into Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page's car. Snapping photos of every nook and cranny of the planet so that people could travel the world from the comfort of their own homes or mobile devices is the hallmark of Google's approach to the world around it and the evolution of technology.

Scientists find weird new property of matter that breaks all the rules | The Verge: What the scientists observed was happening with this extremely cold uranium compound was that the substance was breaking double time-reversal symmetry – twice as complex as our magnet example. The physicists have dubbed this new property "hastatic order" after the ancient Latin word for "spear," which is what the particles resemble in this ordered state. Obviously theres no time-reversal machine to test this in, but data from particle colliders in the US and Japan has backed this theory. Its kind of like finding the square root of -1: it technically doesnt exist, but mathematically it helps solve all kinds of problems.

The Universal laws behind growth patterns, or what Tetris can teach us about coffee stains | Empirical Zeal: Let's start with a simple example. Imagine a game similar to Tetris, but where you only have one kind of block – a 1 x 1 square. These identical blocks fall at random, like raindrops. Here's a question for you. What pattern of blocks would you expect to see building up at the bottom of the screen? You might guess that since the blocks are falling randomly, you should end up with a smooth, uniform pile of blocks, like the piles of sand that collect on a beach. But this isn't what happens. Instead, in our make-believe Tetris world, you end up with a rough, jagged skyline, where tall towers sit next to deep gaps. A tall stack of blocks is just as likely to sit next to a short stack as it is to sit next to another tall stack.

Adobe Photoshop Source Code: With the permission of Adobe Systems Inc., the Computer History Museum is pleased to make available, for non-commercial use, the source code to the 1990 version 1.0.1 of Photoshop.Swimming with spacemen: training for spacewalks at NASA's giant pool | Ars Technica: Though the day dawns cool, the deck of NASAs Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) remains warm–a side effect of keeping 6.2 million gallons of water at a constant 86°F. I stare down into the largest indoor body of water in the world and feel a surge of vertigo. Here, astronauts practice for spacewalk missions at the International Space Station (ISS), and today Ill watch them do it.

What's the Deal with Copyright and 3D Printing? | Public Knowledge: 3D printing provides an opportunity to change the way we think about the world around us. [1] It merges the physical and the digital. People on opposite sides of the globe can collaborate on designing an object and print out identical prototypes every step of the way. Instead of purchasing one of a million identical objects built in a faraway factory, users can customize pre-designed objects and print them out at home. Just as computers have allowed us to become makers of movies, writers of articles, and creators of music, 3D printers allow everyone to become creators of things.

Money and Power

Cypherpunk rising: WikiLeaks, encryption, and the coming surveillance dystopia | The Verge: In 1989, when the internet was predominantly ASCII-based and HyperCard had yet to give birth (or at least act as a midwife) to the world wide web, R.U. Sirius launched Mondo 2000. "I'd say it was arguably the representative underground magazine of its pre-web day," William Gibson said in a recent interview. "Posterity, looking at this, should also consider Mondo 2000 as a focus of something that was happening." Twenty years ago, it was cypherpunk that was happening. And it's happening again today.

Boris Niehaus (Just) – DRADIOWissen - Jeder kann Kriegsberichterstatter (5.3.2013): Blogger verändern unsere Sicht auf die Kriegsgebiete dieser Welt: twitternde Rebellen, filmende Zivilisten, fotografierende Blogger. Einer von ihnen: Just. Der Fotograf war im Dezember im syrischen Aleppo und bloggte von dort über seine Eindrücke. Bilder und Berichte aus Kriegsgebieten haben eine neue Qualität. Eine subjektive und unreflektierte, die man bisher im deutschsprachigen Raum nicht gewohnt ist. Reporter ohne Krisenausbildung reisen in die Länder und liefern Content und ihren Blick auf die Geschehnisse.
Berufsverbände und Profi-Kriegsreporter bestätigen, dass die Zahl der Laien-Kriegsreporter nicht gestiegen ist. Lediglich die Art der Kriegsberichterstattung hat sich geändert. Just ist eigentlich "Streetart-Fotograf" und lebt in Berlin. Er hat sich auf eigene Faust ins syrische Kriegsgebiet begeben. Mit seinen Bildern bestückt nun sein Blog und verkauft sie an diverse Medien. Seine Bilder und Geschichten zeigen die Vorteile, wenn Berichterstatter "Ich" sagen dürfen.

BBC News - Britain's £1m and £100m banknotes: Carefully guarded in the Bank of Englands vaults are a small number of very large banknotes. Called "giants" and "titans", they are not in circulation for good reason - each is worth a sum of money most of us can only dream of. What are they for?

Noam Chomsky: Can Civilization Survive Capitalism? | Alternet: Capitalism as it exists today is radically incompatible with democracy.

Internet-Tsunamis | Politische Massen im digitalen Zeitalter: Die Grundlagen einer lebendigen Netzkultur sind in dem vorliegenden Zusammenhang die vielfältigen Interaktions- und Kommunikationsmöglichkeiten der Nutzer innerhalb der technologischen Struktur des Internets. Aus diesen neuen Möglichkeiten ergibt sich auch die grundlegende Frage nach einem Potenzial für gesellschaftspolitische Veränderung im realen Raum.
Wenn nun die Rede von Raum ist, muss vorangestellt werden, dass es sich um einen veröffentlichten Raum handelt, in dem jedes Kommunikat Teil einer medialen
(Selbst-)Inszenierung durch den Nutzer ist. Im Rahmen der Internet-Tsunamis stellen diese Kommunikate zunächst nichts anderes als sinnstiftende, mediale Inhalte dar, aufgelöst im Binärcode und damit für die Weiterverarbeitung im Internet zur Verfügung gestellt.



 Youtube Direktfish

Angelfish - YouTube: While searching for isolation, an aimless young man named August moves to live aboard a sailboat on New York Citys East River.

Project Genesis // shortfilm sub ita on Vimeo: A world populated only by computers that has always looked at our world with resignation and great sense of survival. Their structure, indeed, has always limited their development making even the simplest actions difficult. Today an extraordinary project is about to see the light, clearing new unexpected ways: the world of computers becomes more accessible, simpler, within the reach of everybody. Thanks to "Project Genesis" every computer will finally be able to open the door to its dreams, discovering a new dimension: a reality with no more limits and fears. Now they can only begin to live, for real.

 Vimeo Direktreal

IRL - In Real Life (Short Version) on Vimeo: "IRL - In Real Life", is a short documentary looking at the time an individual can spend in the world of an online game, in this case, World of Warcraft. The documentary is a personal look at the director, Anthony Rosner, and his own experience from playing Warcraft. This is the shorter version for film festivals, the longer version can be found here - vimeo.com/35199868

To This Day on Vimeo: To This Day Project is a project based on a spoken word poem written by Shane Koyczan (shanekoyczan.com) called "To This Day", to further explore the profound and lasting impact that bullying can have on an individual. Schools and families are in desperate need of proper tools to confront this problem. We can give them a starting point... A message that will have a far reaching and long lasting effect in confronting bullying. Animators and motion artists brought their unique styles to 20 second segments that will thread into one fluid voice.

 Vimeo Direktderek

SLOW DEREK on Vimeo: The tale of Derek, an office worker, as he struggles with the true speed of planet Earth.

Trolley Boy on Vimeo Rainbow Narcosis on Vimeo: A lamb gets lost in the multiverse.

THE MYTH on Vimeo: Since we started to believe in anything, we also believe in mythical creatures, heros, events or giant buildings.
The visual narrative of "The Myth" shows different phases of a nativity, though specific conducts like deformations and transitions between primitives, organic and mechanical stadiums of an futuristic creature, till it changes the appearance to the final destination.

Cyclotone [Spin-up Finale] on Vimeo: Real-time audio-visual performance work created in 2012.


Design and Art

An inside peek into the Polygon design process | Vox Product: It's not every day you get to design a big ass new editorial site from scratch. This is a look into the design process for Polygon, the second of two huge projects tackled by Vox Product in 2012. Be warned: this is a deep look at our process and our work. Grab a beer or three, and join me for a walk through the past.

A Dictionary of Surrealism and the Graphic Image: Observatory: Design Observer: The Surrealist movement of the 1920s and 1930s focused on literature, painting, photography and the object, and the Surrealists' publishing activities provided only hints of what a fully conceived Surrealist graphic design or typography might look like. Many of the most suggestive early examples came from Czechoslovakia, where Surrealism would become a lasting influence. Subsequently, Surrealist ideas and images had a profound impact on image-makers in every sphere of art and design, and by the 1960s the effects of Surrealism were widely felt in international graphic communication. Uncanny traces this intermittent line of development up to the present.

A Tour of the AC-1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable | lancewakeling.com: A Tour of the AC-1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable is the first-person account of visits to the four landing points of a telecommunications cable known as Atlantic Crossing 1, which passes through Fire Island, New York; Sennen Cove, England; Castricum, the Netherlands; and Sylt, Germany. The video takes the form of the travelogue. Chance encounters and associative digressions link the communications cable to political protest, global security, war, the panopticons of Jeremy Bentham and Argus, the urban history of docks and data centers, Sylts corrective geology, and the problem of representing global communication structures, whose scale far exceeds that of the individual.



 Youtube Direktreagan

The man who created internet memes – before the internet: This video, known only as "The Reagans Speak Out on Drugs," was released on VHS in 1988. Its an almost seamless re-edit of the the famous "Just Say No" speech given by the Reagans in September of 1986 – except in this version, the President and the First Lady are doing their best to get us all hooked on drugs. The audio version popped up on public radio, and the video became a popular viral meme, passed around from hand to hand long before the internet had made LOLcats a household word. Many people who saw it had no idea where it had come from. It was just a tape that had been copied over and over, like a YouTube video without, well, YouTube. On the 25th anniversary of its release, the maker of this early meme has stepped forward to talk about it on io9. His name is Cliff Roth; he reviews consumer electronics and teaches college in New York City. He also has some sharp words for whats happened to the culture of memes on the web.

How emoji conquered the world | The Verge: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ・。*。✧・゜The story of the smiley face from the man who invented it


Star Wars, eine Heldenreise: Als Regisseur George Lucas seinen "Krieg der Sterne" erstmals vorführt, sind sich alle einig: ein albernes, dummes Märchen. Dann wird das Epos einer der erfolgreichsten Filme überhaupt. Das Drehbuch orientiert sich an einem Patentrezept - an der sogenannten Heldenreise.

Redezeit: Überflieger Krähen, 10:05: WDR 5: In Kultur und Mythos haben sie tiefe Spuren hinterlassen, ob als Todes- oder als Glücksbringer. Symbole für Macht und Herrschaft waren sie allerdings nie, eher für Weisheit und Wissen. Unser Wissen über die faszinierenden Singvögel allerdings ist nicht sehr ausgeprägt. Der Berliner Biologe und Philosoph Cord Riechelmann will dem im Gespräch mit Ralph Erdenberger abhelfen.

Das philosophische Radio mit Sighard Neckel über Refeudalisierung, 20:05: WDR 5: Eine ärmer werdende Gesellschaft blutet weiter aus, zugunsten einer reicher werdenden Managerklasse, die weder nach dem Leistungsprinzip operiert noch für das Risiko ihres Handelns gerade stehen muss. Ist das mit den Werten einer Demokratie vereinbar? Erleben wir eine Refeudalisierung der Gesellschaft?

Checkpoint Internet – Wie lassen sich Politiker und Lobbyisten überwachen?: Im Internet ist niemand mehr sicher. Zuletzt waren Doktorarbeiten im Visier von Plagiatsjägern - jetzt sind die Lobbyisten dran. Mit dem Portal "Lobbyplag" wollen die Betreiber den politischen Einfluss von professionellen Interessenvertretern öffentlich machen. Was bewirken die Aufpasser im Internet? Wo sind die Grenzen der digitalen Kontrollen? Wächst damit eine Konkurrenz zum klassischen Journalismus?

2. März 1933: Uraufführung von King Kong (WDR5): WDR5: ""Und die Bestie blickte auf das Antlitz der Schönheit und sie ließ ab vom Töten. Und von diesem Tag an war sie wie tot." Dieses - frei erfundene - arabische Sprichwort steht im Vorspann des Films "King Kong und die weiße Frau". Uraufgeführt wurde der Fantasyfilm in der Radio City Music Hall. Mit 6200 Plätzen war es das größte Kino der Welt. 700 000 Dollar investierte die kurz vor dem Konkurs stehende Produktionsfirma RKO und sie konnte gerettet werden, weil "King Kong" ein Welterfolg wurde."

Wenn Roboter töten: Drohnen und die Automatisierung des Krieges | Generator | Kolumnen & Sendungen | Zündfunk | Bayern 2 | Radio | BR.de: Der Generator taucht ein in die schaurige Welt der Kriege von morgen, setzt sich dabei mit Isaac Asimovs Robotergesetzen und dem Terminator auseinander und stellt die Frage: Wie menschlich muss es im Krieg eigentlich zugehen?