Memory Loss Reminder-List

Großartig: Eine Reminder-Liste von der besten Freundin einer Dame, die bei 'nem Behandlungsfehler ihr Kurzzeitgedächtnis verloren hat. Unbedingt die Kommentare lesen, superinteressant:

ARE YOU GUYS OR GIRLS!?: We're both female, and use bro jokingly. Sis doesn't have the same ring. […]

HOW ARE YOU NOW?: She has hearing loss and still struggles with short term memory. For the most part, you would probably meet her and just think she's really forgetful. Her life is a lot of lists, alarms, and calendar dates so she can always know whats going on, and when. […]

YOU'RE A GREAT FRIEND: Aw jeez. I did fuck with her though. I told her the same series of jokes, tweaking them each time so they were funnier and funnier. Every five minutes, I was A COMEDY GOD.

This is the letter my best friend made me when I was in ICU with short term memory loss. (via Gawker)