First Pic from Mars on TV

 Vimeo Direktmars

Wusste ich auch noch nicht: Das erste Bild vom Mars im Fernsehen entstand, indem sie die Daten der Helligkeitswerte der Pixel ausdruckten, die Zahlenkolonnen aneinanderklebten und wie bei Malen-Nach-Zahlen colorierten. Vintage analoge Datenvisualisierung from Space, quasi.

This image represents the first view of another planet from a vantage point in space. It was taken on July 15th, 1965, when the space probe Mariner 4 flew by only 6,118 miles from the surface of Mars. Before this image the most sophisticated, high res image of Mars was this image by Percival Lowell from the late 1800's. […]

After a few variations, it seemed most efficient to print out the digits and color over them based upon how bright each pixel was. So Mr. Grumm went to a local art store and asked for a set of chalk with different shades of gray. The art store replied that they “did not sell chalk” […], but they did have colored pastels. Richard did not want to spend a lot of time arguing with them, so he bought the pastels (actual pastels seen [besides]), had the 1’s and 0’s printed out on ticker tape about 3in wide, and his team colored them by their brightness level.

Die ganze Story gibt's hier: First TV Image of Mars, das Bild in HighRes hier. (via Reddit)