Newspaper remade with Tangerines

Tolle Anzeige für einen japanischen Früchtebauern, die zusammen mit einer Tageszeitung aus Shizuoka eine komplette Seite mit Mandarinen nachgebaut haben. Dazu haben sie die Früchte komplett auseinandergenommen, alle Bestandteile verwendet und einzelne Worte aus aus den Saftschläuchen nachgebaut. Ein Mandarinen-Layout. Toll!

Tangerines, satsuma oranges, mandarin oranges, cuties – it seems everyone has their own name for it. And in Japan, the Mikan – everyone’s favorite fruit – is everywhere. So when a local newspaper in Shizuoka decided to run their own ad, they teamed up with Mikabi Mikan, a well-known local producer of the fruit, to take advantage of the concept of being “everywhere.”

Without relying on digital manipulation they meticulously peeled and dissected several mikans, using everything from the skin, pulp and juice to recreate an entire front page newspaper.

Mikan Newspaper | an epic ad for oranges

Bonuslyrics: The Flaming Lips – She don't use Jelly: „I know who a girl who reminds me of Cher, she's always changing the color of her hair, she don't use nothing that you buy at the store, she likes her hair to be real orange – she uses tangerines, tangerines…“