Harlem Shake Protests in Egypt and Tunisia

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Der Tunesische Bildungsminister findet Harlem Shake beknackt und eine „Beleidigung“, in Ägypten wurden ein paar Schüler wegen des Harlem Shakes festgenommen – und nun formiert sich Widerstand. Harlem Shake als Protestform. Ich hätte jetzt auch nicht damit gerechnet, dass die Meme nochmal irgendwas interessantes hergibt:

Some students and education officials in North Africa are in an uproar over — of all things — the “Harlem Shake.”

The viral dance video that has spawned thousands of copycats and plenty of eyerolls around the world is not so popular with authorities in Tunisia, where education minister Abdeltif Abid called it “an insult to the educational message” and promised an investigation into a version filmed at a local high school. In Egypt on Feb. 23, police arrested four university students for filming a version of the dance outside in their underwear, reports Lebanon’s Daily Star.

Since then, Egypt Daily News reports a student group called “Satiric Revolutionary Struggle” has cropped up in Cairo, with plans to dance the Harlem Shake in front of the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters. Tunisian students have skipped class en masse and vowed to stage their own retaliatory Harlem Shake in front of the Ministry of Education on Friday, according to Tunisia Live.

The ‘Harlem Shake’ becomes a protest in Egypt and Tunisia (via Dailydot)