North Korea on Instagram

Nord Korea hat vor ein paar Tagen sein mobiles Internet für Besucher angeschaltet, seitdem tröpfeln Tweets und Instagrams aus NK ins Netz, im Bild oben erklärt der TV-Ansager den Plot von „Madagaskar“:

North Korea’s 3G mobile network is a joint venture between state-owned Koryolink and Egypt-based Orascom. It has offered cellular calling for a while but didn’t previously allow data connections. The move to open up the network follows a visit by Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt, who observed last month, “It would be very easy for them to turn the internet on for this 3G network. Estimates are that are about a million and a half phones in [North Korea] with some growth planned in the near future.” For now, however, the internet is only available to the much smaller cohort of phones owned by foreigners.

Am spannendsten ist wahrscheinlich der Instagram-Feed von AP-Fotograf David Guttenfelder, hier sein Blog: „It’s a powerful way to connect directly with the outside world from one of the most isolated countries on earth. The window on to North Korea has been opened a small crack.“ Hier ein paar mehr seiner Bilder bei Associated Press: A LOOK AT DAILY LIFE INSIDE NORTH KOREA.