Jack Kirbys Argo-Artworks

Buzzfeed hat Scans von Jack Kirbys Artworks, die er für den Fake-SciFi-Film „Lord Of Light“ anfertigte, den sich die CIA für die Geiselbefreiung im Iran ausgedacht hatte, worüber Wired vor sechs Jahren eine Story schrieb, die letztes Jahr wiederum von Ben Afflek mit dem sehr tollen „Argo“ verfilmt wurde, worüber Wired-Redakteur Nicholas Thompson jetzt nochmal beim New Yorker geschrieben hat.

Argo was the name Tony [Mendez] gave to a script that was in turnaround and sitting in a pile at [makeup artist John] Chambers' house. That script was called Lord of Light and had been adapted from a successful Roger Zelazny science-fantasy novel of the same name. A small-time self-starting dreamer who called himself a 'producer' — isn't that how it always starts? — named Barry Geller had optioned Zelazny's book himself and raised money to get the project started.

He hired Jack Kirby to do concept art and Chambers to make the alien masks. But the whole project fell apart when Geller staged a press conference in Aurora, Colorado, where he announced his intention to film Lord of Light there, and then use the sets to create a theme park, called Science Fiction Land.

The Lost Jack Kirby Sketches For The (Real) “Argo” Film Project