Cardboard Computer Components

 Youtube Direktcard, danke Niklas!

Niklas schreibt mir: „Ein Plotter aus Pappe! Nicht mehr und nicht weniger. Habe ich letzte Woche gebaut, als ich einen Karton/Computer Workshop an der HfG in Offenbach geleitet habe. Hier der Link zum Cardboard Plotter und hier der Link zu den Studentenarbeiten. Da sind auch echt abgefahrene Sachen dabei, wie das NAND gate oder das racing Game.“

This plotter is made entirely out of cardboard, welding rod, rubber bands, adhesive tape and super glue. The digital memory is a little book with plenty of different drawing codes, which are written down as coordinates. In this video I'm entering the first code, which makes the plotter draw "hello world".

Hier noch der Clip zu den Studentenarbeiten aus dem Cardboard Computer Workshop an der HfG Offenbach, mit Logicgates, analogen Arcade-Maschinen oder Lochkartenlesern aus Pappe. Sehr tolle Arbeiten, schönes Projekt!

 Youtube Direktboard

Masterclock: The core part of any digital computer is a clock which synchronizes all logic processes and communications. Tilmann Aechtner built this beautiful time piece. It uses rolls of adhesive tape as weight. On a connected barrel display, you can watch the mechanism counting.

Mr. NAND: Carolin Liebl and Lisa Hopf were interested in fundamental digital logic: Over several design iterations, they managed to build a very clever and well working NAND gate. It compares two binary inputs and calculates one binary output. Several of those mechanical gates in combination can be used to build a complete computer! Although a working computer out of cardboard would probably become a bit large. […]

Arbeit („Labor“): A cardboard computer is not much worth without an appropriate data storage device. Philipp Medrala was fascinated by punch card technology and decided to build his own crank operated punch card reader!