Detailed Ghostbuster-HQ in Lego

Alex Jones aka Orion Pax (dessen Lego-Arbeiten ihr kennt, mindestens seinen Breaking Bad-Lego-Van und die Back To The Future-Sachen) hat das Hauptquartier der Ghostbusters mit allen möglichen Details in Lego nachgebaut.

Two months of endless hours watching Ghostbusters 1 & 2 + the real Ghostbusters Animated show i can truly say i know a lot about the building at North Moore Street, New York City. The movie set was in Los Angeles and is seen in plenty of other movies while the outside of the building is in NY.

Planning on the interior was a bit confusing in the beginning, because of the fact that in the movies you always see only the garage and first floor. When i played the GHOSTBUSTERS game there are only two floors two, while on the outside the way the windows are you know there is the garage and two floors above. While watching the animated show i found out more about interiorsetups that would work with the model.So Egon´s lab is one of the agreements i had to make. The attetion to detail with some of the features was very important to me and i spend hours on planning through over and over again. The overall weight is about 15 kg and it took me around 2 months building.