The 19 Degrees of Internet-Bacon

Die Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – die Theorie, dass jeder jeden Menschen über maximal sechs Bekannte kennt –, für's Internet: Ein ungarischer Wissenschaftler hat mit einer Simulation herausgefunden, dass alle Websiten untereinander über maximal 19 Links verknüpft sind, wobei es Websites gibt, die kaum Links bieten, und sogenannte „Kevin Bacons of the Web“, die als Aggregatoren funktionieren. Ich kann, denke ich, mit Fug und Recht behaupten, dass NC ein „Kevin Bacon of the Web“ ist. Ich glaube, ich schreib' mir das so ins Impressum.

Hungarian physicist Albert-László Barabási discovered something surprising about this massive number: Like actors in Hollywood connected by Kevin Bacon, from every single one of these pages you can navigate to any other in 19 clicks or less.

Barabási’s findings, published yesterday in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, involved a simulated model of the web that he created to better understand its structure. He discovered that of the roughly 1 trillion web documents in existence—the aforementioned 14 billion-plus pages, along with every image, video or other file hosted on every single one of them—the vast majority are poorly connected, linked to perhaps just a few other pages or documents.

Distributed across the entire web, though, are a minority of pages—search engines, indexes and aggregators—that are very highly connected and can be used to move from area of the web to another. These nodes serve as the “Kevin Bacons” of the web, allowing users to navigate from most areas to most others in less than 19 clicks.

Any Two Pages on the Web Are Connected By 19 Clicks or Less (via AnimalNY, Bild: Highly detailed planet Earth via Shutterstock)