3D-Printing Pen

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Ein 3D-Drucker-Stift? Yes please! Das Teil wurde grade auf Kickstarter finanziert, Snip:

The 3Doodle pen, developed by US start-up WobbleWorks, works much like a handheld 3D printer. It contains a mains-powered heater that melts the plastic beads used in such printers.

You can draw normally using the colourful plastic as your ink – but with a fantastic twist. Lift the nib in the air and a length of plastic exudes from the nib and solidifies, allowing you to create 3D objects by building up multiple wispy strands of plastic. The pen's key component is a tiny fan that cools the plastic as it leaves the nib. "This makes it solidify very quickly," says company spokesman Daniel Cowen.

3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen (via New Scientist)