Loophole4All: Corporate Identity Theft as Offshoring-Art

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Superspannende neue Arbeit von Paolo Cirio (Google Will Eat Itself, Ghosts of Streetview, Face 2 Facebook), der angeblich die Datenbank der Unternehmensregistratur der Kaimaninseln gehackt hat und auf der Website Loophole4all.com quasi Steuernummern der Unternehmen zwecks Corporate Identity Theft für 'nen Dollar pro Stück anbietet. Wenn das alles so stimmt, ist das selbst für einen Künstler wie Cirio, der die Grenzen der Legalität für seine Arbeiten gerne mal dehnt, ein ziemlicher Hammer.

Obendrauf dokumentiert er auf der Seite zum Projekt in mehreren Interview mit Steuerflucht-Fuzzis Hintergrundinfos zum Thema, unter anderem mit so tollen Sätzen wie: „Figures show that, in 2010, Barbados, Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands received more foreign direct investment than Germany or Japan“. Grandiose Aktion, die hoffentlich ohne Folgen für den Mann bleibt.

Offshore centers are considered legal abroad. However, the services that they provide are unaffordable for the normal citizens onshore, whose instead have to pay more taxes and legal obligations, while facing cuts to public services and increasing national debt.

Loophole for All democratizes the use of offshore centers. It provides a service to the middle class and small businesses who don't want to pay more taxes than they should.

The service of Loophole for All acquires the lists of companies incorporated in the offshore centers and armed with as little as a company name and a number, lets people hijack those companies and utilize them for public advantage.

This corporate identity theft benefits from the anonymous nature of those offshore companies. Everyone can pretend to be them because of their real owners’ secrecy. And even if it's illegal to steal an identity of a company, the courts of offshoring centers don’t have any power or credibility onshore. And meanwhile, onshore authorities don't have the resources to verify the real owners of companies offshore — even less to chase everybody down.

Loophole4All (via Rebelart)