Coin on a Treadmill

16.02.2013 Fun Misc #Money

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 Youtube Direktcoin, via HYST

'Ne Münze auf 'ner Tretmühle, eine Stunde lang.

SPOILERS AHEAD: 06:09 to 08:50 attempts with another coin, all failing 10:12 an almost successfull attempt 10:50 failed attempts 15:13 a hand 15:24 a Parker 20:44 other attempts 24:08 a black ball 27:04 a white ball 38:48 Parker 39:09 a red straw 41:26 a laptop 41:50 camera moves 42:01 A CAT!! 52:47 camera moves, showing a window 53:08 fingers 57:12 coin falls off 57:47 threadmill stops 58:27 Parker draws conclusion and lesson about life. Thanks for this action-packed adventure, Parker!