Adam Goldberg does Micro-Horrormovies on Vine

Ich bin nicht sicher, was (oder ob überhaupt) Adam Goldberg (Numb3rs, Saving Private Ryan) auf Vine vor hat, aber ich mag die Mikro-Horrorfilme um eine blonde Perücke… aus irgendeinem Grund. Obwohl ich mit Vine so eher gar nichts anfangen kann.

“It was so obvious to me what it was for,” Goldberg says after messing with Vine for a few days. “It’s a horror app. When you break it down, with its stop-action camera and everything, it’s just perfect for these little horror movies.”

His theme, he says, revolves around the home not always being the safest place to be. And his little soap opera—about a man becoming undone by an iPhone application—plays it up perfectly. There are jump cuts from behind bushes. Disembodied hands holding an SLR camera. Long dark hallways. Self-rocking chairs. And then there are the blond wigs. In over half the videos, Goldberg struggles with wearing—or not wearing—a crazy blond wig like a tweaker pacing the cold medicine aisle.

“The funny thing about those wigs is that I don’t remember where they came from, if they’re mine or my girlfriend’s,” Goldberg confesses. “But I’ve had a blond wig in my life for as long as I can remember. From my teenage years until now. When I was 24, my entire fridge was covered in polaroids with people wearing a blond wig. I don’t know.”

Actor Adam Goldberg is the King of Vine, Twitter's Indie Filmmaker App