Canadian Parliament discusses the Zombie-Apocalypse

 Youtube Direktzombies, via MeFi

Der kanadische Außenminister John Baird hat dem Parlament auf Anfrage versichert, dass Kananda niemals ein sicherer Ort für Zombie sei. Muss man ja auch mal geklärt haben.

Baird was responding to a question from NDP MP Pat Martin (who else, really?) who asked if Canada is working with the U.S. to ensure that its citizens don’t suffer from a case of the zombie apocalypse. […] Baird later rose on a point of order to suggest the NDP would place a carbon tax on zombie survival kits.

The exchange comes after Quebec’s public security department said it will be using a hypothetical zombie attack against the province as a preparation exercise during a symposium on civil security next week.

‘Canada will never be a safe haven for zombies,’ Foreign Minister John Baird tells House of Commons