3D-Webcam-Toy in your Browser

Noch ein tolles Spielzeug von Felix Turner: WebCamMesh baut aus dem Signal einer Webcam ein 3D-Model auf das das Live-Bild projiziert wird.

WebCamMesh is a HTML5 demo that projects webcam video onto a WebGL 3D Mesh. It creates a ‘fake’ 3D depth map by mapping pixel brightness to mesh vertex Z positions. Perlin noise is used to create the ripple effect by modifying the Z positions based on a 2D noise field. CSS3 filters are used to add contrast and saturation effects.

Use mouse move to tilt and scroll wheel to zoom. The 3D effect works better if the foreground elements are brighter than the background, so try it in a dark room.

WebCamMesh Demo (via Waxy)