DJ Foods Kraftwerk Kover Kollection Vol.8

DJ Food hat anlässlich des 25jährigen Jubiläums der Solid Steel Radioshow (über das ich vor ein paar Wochen gebloggt hatte) und der Kraftwerk-Auftritte im Londoner Tate Modern-Museum einen neuen Teil seiner Kraftwerk Kover Kollection (über die ich schonmal vor einem Jahr gebloggt hatte) gespielt und online gestellt. Eine Stunde obskure Kraftwerk-Cover, you're welcome.

In Hour 2 [of the Solid Steel Radioshow] DJ Food takes up the 25th Anniversary slot with volume 8 of his Kraftwerk Kover Kollections in time to celebrate the band playing 8 nights at the Tate Modern in London. These mixes have become a regular feature on the show over the years, unearthing incredible and bizarre cover versions of Kraftwerk tracks. A Bollywood version of The Man Machine, The Model played on church bells, sung by a choir and covered by comedian Adrian Edmondson are just some of the treats along with jazz, piano and acoustic versions of their classics and a couple of comedy skits commenting on the ticket meltdowns surrounding the band's shows.

PART 3 + 4 - DJ Food - Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 8

Kraftwerk - Minicalcolatore (Discoring TV show intro)
Stephan Cox - Kraftwerk Ticket Blues (mp3)
Dumbfounded City - Nana Para Cris (mp3)
Golden Shower - Mehn Maashyn - The Bollywood version (Golden Shower Projects)
Menschmaschine - Die Mensch-Maschine (Meta Records)
Hot Chords of Piano - Trans Europe Express (Hotchords)
New David Sings Neon Lights (Junk Music)
The Mercurials - Neon Lights (mp3)
Octopus - Neon Lights (EMI)
Menschmaschine - Spacelab (Meta Records)
Joan Chia - The Model (mp3)
Xelius Project - Radiosterne (mp3)
Florian Schneider - Electronic Poem (mp3)
Menschmaschine - Heimcomputer (Meta Records)
Saito Tetsuya - Computer Love (Tendice)
Eric Wøllo - Computerlove (Spotted Peccary)
Hot Chords of Piano - Robotronik (Hotchords)
Joakim - Kraftwerk mashup (mp3)
Hot Chords of Piano - Computer World (Hotchords)
Menschmaschine - Computerwelt (Meta Records)
Hot Chords of Piano - Franz Schubert (Hotchords)
New David Sings -The Model (Junk Music)
Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Das Modell (PIAS)
Adrian Edmondson & The Bad Shepherds - The Model (live)
Powerplant - Radioactivity (Signum Classics)
Beautify Junkyards - Radioactivity (Bandcamp)
Hot Chords of Piano - Electric Cafè (Hotchords)
Milo Mclaughlin - Computer World (The Tate Modem remix)
Hot Chords of Piano - Computer Love (Hotchords)
Menschmaschine - Der Telefon-Anruf (Meta Records)

Solid Steel Radio Show 8/2/2013 Part 3 + 4 - DJ Food - Kraftwerk Kover Kollection 8