Beautiful Poetic JavaScript-Commenting

JavaScript, auskommentiert als Gedicht. Brillant! Ich hab' hier mal 'ne lokale Kopie gesichert:

		//It is a YouTube video!
		//Rip apart it's source to obtain it's
		//vile beating heart, the youtube id
		var youtubeid = vidSrc.substr(29);
			//cut off last 6 digits as hannibal did to atreides
			//and offer them to your gods
			cutlength = youtubeid.length - 6;
			youtubeid = youtubeid.substr(0,cutlength);
		//we now place the beating heart of the youtube id
		//in our first heavenly array
		videoArray[i] = youtubeid;
		//and then mark the vile iframe beast
		//with the id of this video so that all
		//may know it, and reference it
		$(this).attr('id', youtubeid);
		//And for this, I am no longer nothing, I am more

lunametrics-youtube.js (via MeFi)