Knights of the Round Table-Watch

Eine Uhr in Form der Tafelrunde inklusive 12 kleiner Mini-Ritter aus Gold. Sieht auf so 'ne Art völlig beknackt aus, will ich aber trotzdem haben und dann kleb' ich da ein kleines Schild an meine sauteure Uhr, auf dem steht: „Nur 'ne Attrappe.“

The Knights of the Round Table had a solemn motto: “Courage and generosity”. For Roger Dubuis, this is its purpose in life. Drawing inspiration from the exploits of King Arthur’s knights, the Geneva Manufacture has created a series of 88 exceptional pieces distinguished by their boldness and steeped in history. 12 heroes and their swords cast in gold encircle a striking enamelled dial while the automatic movement RD822 beats below. The scene is symbolic. Most of the adventures of the gallant knights were initiated in meetings at the round table.

Their courage knew no bounds, their faith was unshakeable, they were the Knights of the Round Table. Courage was their paramount value and according to the legend, they went from battle to battle, from victory to victory, upholding these values.While their heroism built their reputation, what confirmed their legendary status was their search for the Holy Grail.

Lancelot, the most valiant knight, was considered to be the purest of them all when he brought back the precious object to his sovereign. Thus was he granted the honour of a seat at the round table. Merlin declared: “Around this table, all in equality, will sit the most valiant knights. From this room, they will set out to seek challenges, to undo wrongs, to protect the weak and to bring down the proud.”

Excalibur Automatic - Limited Edition (via Gizmodo)