When we went MAD: Doc about the usual Gang of Idiots

 Youtube Direktneumann, via Laughing Squid

Die Doku „When we went MAD“ (Facebook) über Alfred E. Neumann und seine Gang of Idiots hat sich grade ihre Finanzierung über Kickstarter gesichert. Der Trailer sieht schonmal sehr toll aus, der Film hat Interview mit u.a. Al Jaffee, Sergio Aragones, Mort Drucker, Jack Davis und Al Feldstein. Wird bei uns wahrscheinlich irgendwann mal in drölf Jahren auf Arte zu sehen sein, sollte der Film bis dahin irgendwo auftauchen, sag' ich Bescheid.

If you were a Teenager at any point during the 1950s through today, you or someone you know grew up reading MAD Magazine.

For 60 Years, MAD has left an indelible mark on American humor and culture. Whatever company sold products we knew to be unhealthy, MAD was there to expose it; whatever politician grew too mighty, MAD was there to knock them off their soapbox. MAD showed generations that not everything was as it seemed. Spy vs Spy is not a memo from the Pentagon, the fold in is not a feature of Playboy, Glit Gort Bleeble Durp is a family of plumbers, and potrezebie is yiddish for something… we're not quite sure what… but it's funny nonetheless.

„When we went MAD!“ takes a loving look at the legacy of this cheap satire mag that had parents confounded and kids going, well… mad.