Visualizing Irans Internet-Censorship

Maral Pourkazemi (@Maralllo) auf über ihre Infografik über das Internet im Iran, inklusive Visualisierungen von Zensur und Blogosphäre.

 Vimeo Direktiran

For her master thesis project “The Iranian Internet” at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam, [Maral Pourkazemi] created a beautiful infographic which contains six content panels to explain the complexity of online censorship in Iran. Including information on the general Internet usage, Iran's national web project, namely the “Halal” Internet and its evasion, the Iranian blogosphere, the cyber police, criminal hackers, and the systems of governance, the six panels decipher the Iranian Internet between freedom and isolation. This thesis has become a much talked about design activist project. sat down with Maral Pourkazemi to talk about her infographic vision and how she has made an ugly topic accessible through visual storytelling.

The Iranian Internet – An Infographic by Maral Pourkazemi