Classy Submarine Cable Map

Hübsche Karte der aktuellen Seekabeln, das Design basiert auf alter Kartographie aus den 1920ern:

The design of our new map was inspired by antique maps and star charts, and alludes to the historic connection between submarine cables and cartography. We drew inspiration from a number of sources including Maury’s New Complete Geography (Revised Edition) published by American Book Company in 1921 and The Timechart History of the World, a collection of antique timelines published by Third Millennium Press.

The map depicts routes of 232 in-service and 12 planned undersea cables. Country dialing codes and capital cities are also provided. Insets provide detailed information about cable landing stations in key regions including New York and New Jersey, Egypt, Cornwall, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Submarine Cable Map (via The New Aesthetics)