The Continuum presents Lisa

 Youtube Direktlisa, via Ektopia

Stage5TV haben eine schöne Kurzfilmreihe namens Continuum am Start, die Shorts sind allesamt mindestens nett. Meine Favorites sind Vampir-Ubahn-Flick „So Pretty“ und „Lisa“ oben, eine Vignette um einen Robot-Designer:

There is a new boom in the technology sector: Robotics. Humanoid robots have replaced most retail employees in major chains across the country. What sets these robots apart is how well their personalities are designed– how charming and helpful they are, how human they are perceived.

Few people in the world can design such a robot. It is an art – it requires a deep understanding of both humanity and technology. Our story focuses on one such individual: ANDERS OHM.

The Continuum